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Please note that there are 3 rules when playing in the RedFaction.info game server:
1. No modding.
2. No Excessive Foul Language.
3. No one wants to hear you complain. If you don't like a map, request another one..
Players not following at least the first 2 of these simple rules will be warned, verbally abused, kicked or banned.
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5-1-20 Rotation:
1. DM Blunders Warehouse
2. DM Breed
3. DM Corpses Xroads v2
5. DM Damage Control
6. DM BlueRail
7. DM The Lobby ULTRA
8. DM MF All Around The World
9. DM Nikkis Bridge Trap
10. DM Rainbow Run
11. DM RTS Wilderness
12. DM TS ToT
13. DM S_S Wartorn
14. DM Danger
15. DM EYEs Remote Logistics

Map Pack #5 (151 MB)
  16. DM IslandJam
17. DM Mass Faction v3
18. DM Micro Basement
19. DM Blunders Beach Resort
20. DM Corpses Rail Arena
21. DM Lotsa's Lighthouse
22. DM RTS Pirates
23. DM FallOut
24. DM Shipment
25. DM NC BedRoom
26. DM Blunder Trains
27. DM Custer
28. DM TheLongestYard
29. DM Ducks Driveby
30. DM Hermis Lands
  31. DM RFU Mt. Lee
32. DM NC HillSide
33. DM clk Backyard Final
34. DM The Crypt
36. DM Hex
37. DM clk Couch Potato
38. DM MoRF Amaze
39. DM A1 Hot Tropics
40. DM RTS ABugsLife
41. DM Trumps Den
43. DM Osiris
44. DM Blunders Bubbles
45. DM Pickle Storage
46. DM-Blunders Casino *
* Not added to MapPack
NEW: DM-Blunders Casino (5-14-20)

Notice: Some of the maps listed for download may not have the music file (if any) attached. This was due to reduce file size and to make it easier for those with slower connections to download and play the game map. If the author of any map listed above does not approve, please contact Stu Pidaso, and your map will be removed.

Thanks, and happy fragging!
Stu Pidaso

We all miss you! MerlinUSA & Sir-Lotsa-Pot>