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Your IP Address:
IP (at time of ban)
Name(s) used
Reason for Ban
IP range blocked** LALA, <L-S>Plankton, TheGoodyGood, Fiver... banned for being an ass 6-17-09 - .Guitar banned for server spam - .Guitar, fragpuff banned for server spam - ||PRO|| The BEST banned for being as ass 5-21-16 - Ron, Default2... banned for language - Saber banned for modding - «RfServerBrowser« banned for language 9-11-18 - ni**er banned for language 6-16-16 -

  • Some of the more inappropriate names have been masked (e.g. **) for obvious reasons.
  • Temporary bans can be from 1 month to 2 years.
  • IP Ranges used to block mod's that return with different IP then when originally banned.
  • If you or your IP range has been blocked from this server and you would like access, please click on the Contact link and let Stu know.