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Console Commands for RedFaction players:
The RF game console can be toggled on/off using the tilde "~" key. This gives you access to a few special commands and shortcuts. Most of these are only used in multiplayer games.

  • name "player name": Changes your Multi/Player playername to the name specified..
  • team "red | blue": Switch to the specified team in Team multiplayer modes. Valid choices are "red" and "blue".
  • rcon_request "rcon password": Request rcon command access on a dedicated server.
  • rcon "console command": Issues an rcon command (e.g. level, ban, kick).
  • info: Displays a list of connected players and current ping rate.
  • level "level filename": Server command to change to specified level (e.g. "level dm01"). If running a dedicated server, the rcon prefix is necessary.
  • kick "playername": Boots the specified player off server. Rcon access is needed if attempting this on a server. Quotes around the playername may be required if the name contains special characters or spaces.
  • ban "playername": Bans the named player by adding his/her IP address to "banlist.txt".

  • Server Assist commands (not used in console):

  • server test: Tests the program to respond with a message.
  • server votelevel "levelname": Calls a vote to change to certain level.
  • server votekick "playername": Calls a vote to kick a certain player.
  • server voteban "playername": Calls a vote to ban a certain player.
  • server cancel: Cancels the current vote if you started it.
  • server y: Registers a YES vote if a vote is active (majority votes rule).
  • server n: Registers a NO vote if a vote is active (majority votes rule).